Based upon the extensive technical culture of the past and its expediently selected developments and the experience of the foreign industries the Hungarian Lift Factory Company is functioning on a large scale of the LIFTS and ROTARY-LIFTS.

Entrepreneurial readiness extends to undermentioned sphere


lifts and rotary-lifts taking into consideration with stressed importance the quality, functioning and safety requirements

  1. Passenger lifts:
    Theese lifts are designed and manufactured with consideration to traffic aestetical requirements for residental buildings, medium high offices, hotels and other public buildings.

    Local capacity: 3-16 pass.
    Speed: 0,6-2 m/sec.
    Drive: electro-mechanic or electro-hydraulic
    Car construction: enclosed or panoramic
    Inside finish: wide range of choise

  2. Hospital Bedlifts:
    With 500-1000kg load capacity and 1,0 m/sec. speed.

  3. Small good lifts (dumb waiters):
    Suitable for transporting books, files (documents), foodstuffs and other materials stored on paletts.

    Load capacity: 50-300 kg
    Speed: 0,22-0,45 m/sec.
    Its construction makes possile its easy and rapid installation and facilitates its post establishment.

  4. Freight lifts:
    Theese lifts are being in expedient execution to meet the lifting demands af the industrial projects. Its safety devices provides the transportation of passengers/persons too.

    Load capacity: 300-5 000 kg
    Speed: 0,25-1 m/sec.
    In the case of loading car by fork lift the precise levelling is provided.

  5. Rotary-lifts:
    Rotary-lifts (paternosters) are suitable to meet the traffic requirements of buildings with high inside traffic and provides continuons passenger transport in medium high buildings. Closed safety system serves the protection of the travellers.

  6. Lifts of handycapped people:
    -Stair lift
    -Platform lift with chair to be operated on the rails of the staircase

  7. Other services:
    -Modernization of earlier supplied lifts.
    -Small and medium size repair of the lifts.
    -Lift and rotary-lift maintenance work.
    -Lift spareparts supply (sales).
    -Lift consultations.
    -Construction and establishment of lifts.
    -Lift erection inland and abroad.
    -Inspection of lifts in operation, proposal, quotations for liftrepair, modernization.

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