History of the company

The establishment and incorporation of the joint-stock company took place on the 19-th of October 1921, goes back into the past more than 80 years.

The technica experts of the company leave developed -with excellent Hungarian inventiveness- and put into practice the accessories and main parts of the lifts and rotary-lifts (paternosters).

From date of establishment up to 1948 1500 units had been made and erected. In theese years were manufacture 30 passenger lift and escalator of the Corvin department store and the hospital bedlift af the Emergency Hospital in Budapest. More special, standard and de-luxe quality passenger lifts and the first paternoster lift were also manufacture in theese years.

On the 25-th of March 1948 the company had been nationalized and functioned further as:

Hungarian Lift Factory Company.

After nationalization in the coming years up to 1972 there were some more small and bigger organizational and managing personal changes. (former company names: Transmission Machinery and Lift Factory; GANZ-MÁVAG Lift Factory; GANZ Lift Factory Company)

In 1972 -adjusted to that time country wide residental building construction program- the production and installation capacities had significantly been increased new passenger lifts were designed manufactured and erected.

Theese lifts were made with up to dete know-how and with reliable quality and safe operation.

On the beginning of regime (goverment system) change -in connection with the privatization of GANZ Lift Factory Company- with 17-th July 1991 Company Registration date took place the establishment of the:

Hungarian Lift Factory Company Ltd.

by shares preserving its product structure continuosly from the of establishment namely the:


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